Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dead Scientist Eulogy

I found this article today.


It's not so much of an article as a list. A list of Scientists who died mysteriously between 2001 and early 2005. It offers no theories or accusations with these coincidences, just the facts; who they were, how they died, and what they were working on. A LOT of these guys were Biochemists, or working in some way with human disease and biowepons. These guys were at the forefront of their feilds. They had studied for years to know the intricate details of their chosen feild, memorize jargon and formulas and facts that most of us couldn't being to understand. They each saw the world in their own unique light, explored their own solution to the major world problem they were curious about.

I wonder what they found? I wonder how many hours and binders full of research died with them? I wonder what will happen to their notes. Maybe they'll get filed. Maybe no one can read them, or they were all written in code. I wonder how many of them woke up that morning with a 'Eureka!!' in his head that could turn the world upside down? I wonder how many of them were sick at the time, how many scared.

I feel sorry for the bodies that didn't make the most graceful exit from this world. I feel sorry for the families that didn't get the whole loved one's body back. I shudder for the 300+ scientists (In less then 2 years!!) that disapeared in Iraqi.

Knowledge is power. These men and women were working with very specialized knowledge that a small fraction of the world could understand like they could. It seems like very specialized people wanted to keep the power to themselves.

I think this list is a small piece of a very big puzzle. Its a bright bit of yellow in Van Goh's "Starry Night"; the color makes it a star, but it doesn't show you the whole picture. I believe there are people that have so much power over other people's lives that they have transcended government, boundaries and laws. And I believe that in order to keep the lifestyle they enjoy and the power they weild, they have to keep other people in place, which is, of course, below them. Coincidental deaths of many scientists is just another way to keep people sick and ignorant. The best part for these mysterious power-weilders? Its so far fetched it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But when you just look at the list of scientists...


Choirchick22 said...

That makes me so curious about so many things! This post really made me think.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, most scientists collaborate with others, meaning that many projects have multiple scientists who understand and have helped develop the work. Also, scientists are encouraged to publish as much of their work as they can, and as a general rule, the science worth knowing and reading is published, in such a way that scientists worldwide can understand and replicate what they did. So I very much doubt any scientific knowledge of any worth was lost with these tragic deaths. It's tragic that these people died, but no more so than anyone of any other profession dying. I think we can safely assume the research was not lost.

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That is deeply strange. I really want to find out.

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Sakith K said...

Scientists could have been killed secretly by some kind of multi-national bio company for sure! They do such things.


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